Variable Speed Control

Variable Speed Control

Variable Speed Milk Pump

Our Variable Speed Milk Pump Control makes milk pumping more efficient and milk cooling more effective. Variable Speed Milk Pump Control helps the preservation of the milk quality by eliminating a start and stop process.

Key Features and Benefits:

Milk cools faster due to a constant flow rate through the plate cooler.

Faster milk cooling inhibits growth of bacteria, preserving milk quality and flavor.

Shorter compressor run times means lower electricity bills..

Integrated phase converters variable speed drives are available for single phase application.





Variable Speed Vacuum Pump

The Variable Speed Drive determines exactly how much vacuum the system requires and regulates the speed of the pump. The result is a pump that runs at a much lower speed most of the time and requires substantially less electricity to do the job.

Key Features and Benefits:

Stable vacuum levels

Prolonged equipment life – A motor run at full speed will have a shorter life span than a motor that regularly runs at a lower speed. As the VSD operates the vacuum pump at reduced RPMs, bearings and other internal components last longer and require less frequent maintenance.

Noise reduction – Conventional milking vacuum pumps running at full speed make a lot of noise. Many farmers benefit from significantly quieter milking areas.

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