Robot Scraper

Robot Scraper: JT200 EVO

The animal-friendly, noiseless JOZ-Tech system scrapes the manure alleys spotlessly clean, even into the smallest of corners, at a controlled speed. The robot uses patented sensor technology. As a result, even between the cows and in extreme conditions, the JOZ-Tech is very reliable. The system can handle large areas, without a problem. The JOZ-Tech is highly manoeuvrable and can rotate around its own axis. This means even the narrowest manure alleys and cross-paths can be thoroughly cleaned. One major advantage of the JOZ-Tech is that the floor is completely free from obstacles such as guide beams, slurry scrapers, corner blocks or chains. Thanks to the unique operating system, the JOZ-Tech leaves no manure residues at the end of the manure alley.

Key Features and Benefits:

Cow friendly

Smart scraping: Choose which times you clean which areas

No restriction of alley width – Max scraper width of 2.1m

Cross feed passages

Internet connected – View detail and manage through log in portal

Scrape collection yards

Scraper lift device and spray available