Automatic Footbath

Foot-Wash Plus

Why use FOOT-WASH Plus?

How often do you use the footbath? And how often do you replace the water? On most farms there is simply not enough time. However, not replenishing the solution regularly can make the footbath spread infections. FOOT-WASH Plus deals with these issues in an efficient way!

Lameness in dairy cows is an underestimated problem. In a British study of more than 220 dairy farms the farmers estimated that about 7% of the cows were lame. However, on examination vets found that the actual figure was close to 36%. Lameness causes high losses. Lame cows eat less, produce less milk, have more problems with metabolism and fertility, and require more labour. Experts estimate the total annual cost per cow is up to 740 pounds sterling (Mülling and Hagen, 2012). If you want to get a grip on infectious hoof diseases, especially Dermatitis Digitalis, the regular use of a footbath is essential.

Key Features and Benefits:

The cows are counted automatically.

When the set number of cows has passed through, the drain opens automatically.

The gate is as wide as the footbath so the used liquid can drain quickly.

The footbath tray is cleared with a powerful jet spray.

The gate closes again.

The footbath is refilled with fresh water.

A hoof care product can be added using 1 of the 2 pre-selected dosage pumps