Milk Tanks

Milk Tanks

Dairymaster milk cooling tanks keep the milk in better condition and reduce the amount of electricity being used. Cooling is optimised to the level of milk in the tank. Excellent thermal performance means milk temperature changes <0.5° C if left unpowered for an entire day, saving you money. With our night mode function further savings of up to 25% of annual cooling costs can be made.


CoolControl gives you ultimate control such as two way SMS communication, easy access to information, large LCD screen, quick start push buttons, milk level measurement, night mode plus much more. CoolControl tanks are equipped with energy saving features such as soft start cooling and night mode. An intelligent wash system is in-built in the tank so that it is activated based on level or time.

Key Features and Benefits:

All of the DigiControl Milk features PLUS:

Milk level sensor

Two way SMS control

Continuous monitoring and reporting

Remote service capability

Battery backup

Plug and play installation

Night mode cooling cost savings


The DigiControl Tank option offers advanced functions that can be operated by a simple push button control and has features such as a large LED digital display, soft-start lite cooling and wash water based on level or time.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to use

Efficient and intelligent cooling

Powerful blockage free washing

Sturdy construction

Large choices of sizes

Self washing outlet

Detergent monitoring

Precision temperature measurement

Temperature recording

Scroll compressors

Condensing unit oil seperator

Condensing unit fan speed control