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Check out the Dairymaster Moo Monitor +

MooMonitor+ allows farmers to monitor their entire herd from their phone. Notifications will be sent to their phone showing updates on the cows’ activity and health. A farmer cannot be with their cows 24/7, so they need to use the available tools to ensure that all their cows in heat are identified for AI insemination. The MooMonitor+ system is the ultimate management tool that gives a farmer accurate information at their fingertips.

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Milking Parlours

Learn about many features on Dairymaster Milking Parlours
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Milk Tanks

Milk cooling can amount to 40% of farms energy requirements, with energy costs increasing
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Feeding Systems

Higher production and improved performance with less effort
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Heat Detection

The MooMonitor has changed the way to manage fertility on farm. The software shows that a lot of animals are in heat between 12 and 5 am
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